Darwin International Airport (DRW)
Car Parking

(Darwin, Northern Territory - NT, Australia)

The car park situated at Darwin Airport (DRW) is in operation 24-hours a day and can be found outside of the Terminal.

Both short and long-term spaces are available, all of which are competitively priced and often prove cheap than using public transport.

As you enter the gateway at Darwin Airport, you will receive a ticket from an entry machine, after the button is pressed. This must then be retained until your return, at which stage it is used to calculate the payment at the various terminal pay stations.

Short-Term and Long-Term

Tel: +61 (0)8 8920 1868
A sliding scale tariff is applied to short-stays, with a minimum parking time of 30 minutes. Charges are made on an hourly basis for periods of between one and five hours, and then for blocks of 24 hours.

The same tariff is applied for long-term stays at Darwin Airport (DRW), which a reduction in the rate for periods of more than eight days. There is a rather hefty charge for lost tickets, so be sure to keep your parking ticket in a safe place during your vacation, so that this situation can be avoided.

Darwin Airport DRW

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