Darwin International Airport (DRW)
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(Darwin, Northern Territory - NT, Australia)

Darwin Airport (DRW) covers an enormous area and is located just a short distance from central Darwin, directly north of the Charles Darwin National Park. The airport is particularly close to Coonawarra and Winnelie to the south, East Point and Ludmilla to the west, and Coconut Grove, Millner, Marrara and Malak to the north. Also located to the north is Casuarina, which is known for its Aboriginal safaris, fishing and other recreational activities.

Important roads that can be found surrounding the airport include the Stuart Highway, which is located directly south and runs in an east - west direction. Also alongside Darwin Airport, Amy Johnson Avenue and Vanderlin Drive are situated to the east, McMilans Road to the north, and both Bagot Road and Dick Ward Drive to the west.

Several large areas of green lie within minutes of Darwin Airport, including the Marrara Recreational Area and the adjacent Darwin Golf Course in the Northlakes area, on the northern perimeter of the airport. Slightly further north lie a host of parks and gardens, such as Wongyung Park, the Darwin Warer Gardens, Jingili Park, Moil Park, Yanyula Park and Malak Park.

Within the grounds of Darwin Airport itself, the main roads include Henry Wingley Drive, which joins Sir Norman Brearley Drive. Also worth noting are the airport's many minor roads, such as Larkin Avenue and Lancaster Road, alongside the terminal buildings. Here are some useful directions to Darwin Airport.

Directions to Darwin Airport (DRW) from the city centre:

  • Darwin Airport (DRW) is located 13 km / 8 miles north-east of the city
  • The airport has good connections to the Northern Territory's highway network and is well signposted
  • The airport lies between central Darwin and the district of Casuarina
  • Major roads that travel to Darwin Airport include Stuart Highway and Winnellie Industrial Area to the south of the airport, and McMillans Road and Lee Point Road to the north of the airport
  • Minor roads that travel to Darwin Airport include Marsh Street and O'Riordan Street
  • Bagot Road, residential and industrial areas lead to the main terminal area of the airport, from the west
  • Amy Johnston Avenue and Marrara wetlands areas lead to the main terminal area of Darwin Airport, from the east
  • The journey from the city centre to Darwin Airport (DRW) will last around 20 minutes
  • When travelling to Darwin Airport during rush hours (07:30 to 10:00 and 16:00 to 18:00), be sure to allow extra time for possible traffic delays

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Darwin Airport DRW

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